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This site is about Tricky and Clever Puzzles, Baffling and Perplexing Illusions, Unbelievable and Incredible Tricks, Fascinating and Cognitive Toys, and many-many other Puzzle related things, and everything around all these Great, Funny, Entertaining, Intellectual, and Educational Things.

Our site has five main sectors -
Puzzle Playground, Puzzles in Education, Logic Puzzles, Puzzle Projects, and Puzzle Links - five different, and at the same time interweaved directions.
Puzzle Playground
Treasury of Classic and Modern Puzzles

Everyone knows a few puzzles, like the Rubik's Cube or the "Fifteen" sliding block puzzle. However, until now only a few people knew that there are hundreds of extremely clever simple puzzles, that you don't need to buy anything to play.

Here in our Puzzle Playground, we've assembled and organized a collection of the best of these for your puzzling enjoyment. These classic and modern, hands-on puzzles that use coins or matches or stuff you can find or print out free from our site.

Puzzle Playground is divided into four big sections:

  • Manipulative Puzzles - Puzzles with simple props like coins, matches, cards, other simple things for your puzzling enjoyment.
  • Non-Manipulative Puzzles - Challenges and brainteasers to stimulate your visual perception and train your math and logical skills.
  • Illusions, Tricks, Toys - Clever and funny illusions, toys and tricks which are simple enough to prepare for your family and friends.
  • Interactive Puzzles - Intriguing puzzles which you can play directly online - no need to make any additional preparations.

To participate, simply scroll down our list until you find a puzzle that intrigues you. Then simply click it to open and read all about it. If you like it, print it out and it's yours.

Puzzles in Education
Puzzle Resource Center for Teachers and Parents

This section of our website is designed for people who have an interest in education. This can include teachers, home schooling parents, and kids who enjoy challenges themselves.

We continue the traditions to learn more about puzzles in education, and the education in puzzles, as well as experimenting with how to connect the worlds of puzzling and education.

We share here experience from teachers that already use puzzles in their classrooms. Their stories could inspire other teachers to include variety of puzzles into day-to-day lessons. The section provides recommendations how to use puzzles in math education and also features several lesson plans that include many puzzles. You can buy a set of puzzles directly from here to start with your own puzzle way or enrich your existing puzzle methods in education process.

Puzzles in Education is divided into five big sections:

  • Interactive Puzzles - Each week we feature a new interactive puzzle from the Puzzles.COM collection. They are fun and challenging.
  • Logic Puzzles - These puzzles are really fun, and they’re really educational too. Print them and solve, or invite your students to play online.
  • Hands On Puzzles - Over 100 puzzles, sorted by grade level and easy to use with your students. Collection of classic and Modern Puzzles.
  • Family Brainstorms - Each week we feature a new puzzle that you can print out on a single page and use as a black line master with your students.
  • Puzzle Sets - Created by the Grabarchuk brothers to challenge and confound the most adventurous puzzle players. We post a new Puzzle Set to start each month.

This area is still "in process", and you're warmly welcome to explore and contribute!

Logic Puzzles
The World's Best Logic Puzzle Games

Here you'll find the most popular interactive logic puzzles all over the Web. Come here regularly each month or each week to play new logic puzzle online or download PDF version to print and play on the paper.

Logic Puzzles is divided into three big sections:

  • Strimko™ - Your Streamy Logic. Each row, column, and stream of the grid must contain different numbers. Solve two new 3-in-1 sets weekly at Puzzles.COM and Strimko.com.
  • GridWorks™ - The Fun Game of Logical Deduction. The goal is to place the nine colored tokens on a 3x3 grid so that the final pattern matches the clues given in each Logic Puzzle.
  • Logic Problems - Monthly Interactive & Printable. We partnered with PuzzlersParadise.com to devise our original, fully interactive system that lets you jump right into solving the puzzle.
Puzzle Projects
Where the Puzzle Ideas Are Reality

This sector embodies several puzzle projects (mostly interactive) that come slightly separate from the main flow of our basic sectors.

Puzzle Projects is divided into four big sections:

  • Drop Quotes - We partnered with PuzzlersParadise.com to bring you puzzles you can play right on the site. Each month we'll post a new interactive drop quote puzzle to our respective sites.
  • Puzzle Help - It's all about your questions, messages, suggestions, wishes etc. We present our answers and advice here to keep on track right beside you meet as many inquiries as possible.
  • Packs & Collections - This section is dedicated to celebrate some puzzle packs or collections which we prepare on our site on some occasions.
  • News & Articles - The latest news from the Puzzling World. Just let us know about Great Puzzling Things or Events, and we'll present them here.
Puzzle Links
Our Links to the Web's Best Puzzling

Our staff searches the internet on a regular basis, testing and reviewing puzzle sites across the web. We present new links on our feature page weekly. Have fun exploring these, and you're welcome to browse through all the resources in our individual Puzzle Links' sections as well.

Puzzle Links is divided into five big sections:
  • Beginner Puzzles - Challenge Yourself to the Best Puzzles on the Internet. We've broken the Journey into three parts; this is the 1st of them.
  • Advanced Puzzles - Challenge Yourself to the Best Puzzles on the Internet. We've broken the Journey into three parts; this is the 2nd of them.
  • Expert Puzzles - Challenge Yourself to the Best Puzzles on the Internet. We've broken the Journey into three parts; this is the 3rd of them.
  • Puzzles of the Week - Return to these sites every week, and every week you'll face new and the best challenges on the Internet!
  • Puzzle Spaces - This part of the site is dedicated to develop links to the different puzzle and other mind recreation sites all over the Web.

Puzzles.COM is run by Serhiy Jr. and Peter Grabarchuk (
The Grabarchuk Family).

Have fun, and come back again to see what's new!

We hope that our site will be interesting and attractive for you. Journey begins...

Happy Puzzling!
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