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Place the nine colored tokens (three yellow, three green, and three blue ones) on the 3x3 game grid in a pattern that matches the clues given in the respective GridWorks Logic Puzzle.
IMPORTANT: NO TWO identical tokens MUST appear on the board in the final solution. Please, note the white triangle, the white circle, and the white X-shape are in fact "shape wildcard", not the final tokens; just like the yellow square, the green square, and the blue square are "color wildcard"


The clues allow you to place the 9 tokens on the game grid. Each clue is presented as a symbol, or several symbols, located on a grid segment.

There are two types of clues: Positive Clues and Negative Clues.
1. Positive clues illustrate a pattern of symbols that WILL appear somewhere in the solution. Positive clues are placed on a light background color and are clearly titled on each challenge.
2. Negative clues illustrate a pattern of symbols that WILL NOT appear anywhere in the solution. Negative clues are placed on a blue background color and are clearly titled on each challenge.

Clue Symbology

Token Symbols: These symbols indicate a specific token shape and color.
Shape Symbols: These symbols indicate a specific token shape, but not a specific color.
Color Symbols: These symbols (any grid cell filled with a color) indicate a specific color, but not a specific shape.

Game Grid

3x3 grid with 9 cells

A clue illustrates relationships between tokens and grid
  The game grid is fixed: nine cells, three rows by three columns.

The clues are presented as full or partial grid sections which show where the tokens are placed. For each clue, imagine that someone took a finished solution, cut away some of the squares, removed some of the tokens, and replaced some of them with the corresponding shape or color symbols. You’re left with an accurate but incomplete picture of how the tokens relate to each other (and in the case of negative clues, how they don’t relate to each other).

The GridWorks challenge is to combine the partial information found in each clue to solve the challenge completely.

The next two pages provide examples of clues and how to interpret them.

Solving GridWorks - In a Nutshell

1. Each challenge has only one solution.
2. The solution must satisfy all the clues.
Positive Clues - Each positive clue pattern can be discovered somewhere on the grid at least once.
Negative Clues - Each negative clue pattern cannot be discovered anywhere on the grid even once..
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