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Apartment Delivery
by Shelly Hazard

Four people ordered items from a popular mail order catalog. They all lived in the same apartment building and all on the same floor. Each person ordered one item and each item was delivered on a different day during the same week. Determine the full name of each person, their apartment number, the day their item was delivered, and what each item was.

1. Mr. Small, in apartment #426, didnít receive his item on Tuesday.

2. The man who received his item on Monday lived in apartment #437. Peter didnít get a toaster oven.

3. The order of deliveries was the vacuum cleaner, Mitchís item, the item for apartment #419, and the coffeemaker.

4. Peter Raleigh didnít receive the vacuum cleaner and didnít live in apartment #415.

5. Mr. Wallis, who wasnít Stan, received the toaster oven, but not on Friday.

6. The bookcase arrived on Thursday, but Terry, whose last name wasn't Madison, didn't receive it.


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