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Boys and Sports
by Shelly Hazard

Wilma and three other women were comparing notes about the achievements of their sons. Each son had a favorite sport and each was a star player. The boys ranged in age from 10 years old to 13 years old. Determine the full name of each mother, the name of her son, the sport each son played, and how old each son was.

1. Sara Copper's son, who wasn't Brian, didn't play soccer.

2. The boy who played basketball was the youngest. Mrs. Green's son was a year younger than the boy who played baseball but a year older than Sara's son.

3. The oldest boy, who wasn't Mark, was Sharon's son but he didn't play hockey.

4. The boy who played baseball was a year older than the boy who played hockey.

5. From youngest to oldest, the boys were Mark, Teresa's son, Mrs. Silver's son, and Eric.

6. Mrs. Wild's son was two years older than Chris.


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