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Camping Spaces
by Shelly Hazard

Four couples decided to go camping to the state forest one weekend. Each couple traveled in a different van and each chose a separate camping spot. The camping sites were all labeled with a space number and while they were in the same area, the sites were not touching. Using the clues and the grid below, determine the full name of each couple, the color of their van, and the number of their camping space.

1. Bill, who is not married to Laura, didn't drive a black van.

2. Chuck and his wife Brenda were not camped in space #35. Brenda's last name is not Forrest.

3. The Lewis couple, who drove a tan van, camped in space #31.

4. Tom camped in a space numbered lower than the one Cindy camped in but higher than the couple who drove in the red van did. 

5. Tom isn't married to Mary Tread. Steve Branch didn't drive a blue van.

6. The couple driving the black van camped in space #43.


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