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Garden Plans
by Shelly Hazard

Spring is in the air and four garden enthusiasts are eagerly making their plans for their spring planting. Each gardener is planning one large garden planned for vegetables and several smaller gardens for flowers. This yearís planting will include one more vegetable and one more flower than last yearís gardens had. As it happens, each gardener also plans to break ground on the garden on a different day. Use the clues to determine the full name of each gardener, what new vegetable and flower will be grown, and which day each plans to break ground.

1. Mr. Heart didnít plan to break ground on Monday. Patrickís last name isnít Lamb.

2. Marge didnít plant peas. The gardener, whose first name isnít Patrick, breaking ground on Thursday is planting corn and daffodils.

3. Toby Garick plans to break ground on Friday but heís not planting corn or azaleas.

4. The gardener planning on roses isnít planting on Thursday. Sharon Adler is planting peas, but not daffodils, and she isnít planting on Saturday.

5. The gardener planting on Friday isnít planting beans.

6. The gardener planting carrots will break ground after the gardener planting azaleas but before the gardener planting tulips and beans.


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