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Home Improvements
by Shelly Hazard

Four neighbors decided one summer to improve their homes. Each couple planned on an outside home improvement to take advantage of the good summer weather. However, once they got started, they got carried away and worked on an inside home improvement too. Using the clues, determine the full name of each couple and the two home improvements each couple made.

1. George, who wasn't married to Kim, didn't remodel the kitchen.

2. Ted Manor and his wife had the roof replaced.

3. Larry and Alice didn't add a bathroom or landscape their yard.

4. Burt, who wasn't married to Mary Wells, installed new carpeting in the bedrooms but didn't add a swimming pool.

5. Tara, whose last name wasn't Fischer, added a new garage.

6. The Parkers didn't remodel the kitchen. The couple that finished their basement into a game room was the couple that landscaped their yard.


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