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Mom Goes Shopping
by Shelly Hazard

A woman took her four kids shopping one afternoon. To keep peace, she said she'd buy one item each of their choice. As she shopped, she discovered that there were four extra items in her shopping cart that she hadn't added or approved. After leaving the store, they stopped at an ice cream stand for a snack. She bought each child got an ice cream cone and a drink. From the clues, determine the item each child got, the extra item each child snuck into the cart, the flavor of ice cream each got, and the type of drink.

1. Amanda, who had maple walnut ice cream, didn't get the fruit juice or the coloring book.

2. Sara didn't get the comic book or the doll but she did slip the board game into the cart.

3. The boy who got the toy car didn't add the action figure and didn't have strawberry ice cream.

4. Each child is represented by the following: the girl who got the doll, the boy who got chocolate chip ice cream, Chris, and the girl who got milk.

5. Sara didn't have vanilla ice cream. The boy who added the baseball cards got water to drink.

6. The child who got the computer game got iced tea. Larry didn't get water.


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