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Summer Camp Swim Meet
by Shelly Hazard

Last weekend, the Woodland Boys summer camp hosted their annual swim meet with their rivals, the Lakeside Boys camp, the Wild River camp, and the Forest Ridge camp. The swim meet lasted all day and involved a number of events, which each camp team participated in. This particular meet was very exciting since each team broke a meet record for a different event. In the history of the camp event, never before had four records been broken at a single meet. From the clues below, determine the full name of each team captain, the camp each team was from, the team's colors, and the event each team broke the record for.

1. Sam Brown wasn't the team captain from the Woodland Park Camp and his team wasn't wearing purple. The Forest Ridge camp, which Dan wasn't with, was Mr. Smart's camp.

2. The Woodland Park Camp team colors were red.

3. Mark, whose last name wasn't Manor or Smart, was the captain of the purple team. The Lakeside camp team didn't win the diving competition.

4. The Forest Ridge camp colors weren't red or blue. The Wild River Camp team won the 1-mile race.

5. Bill's team didn't win the freestyle race.

6. The four camps are represented by: the camp that won the relay race, Mr. Rand's team, the green team, and Dan's team.


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