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Loyd, Dudeney and... Galactic Takeover by Serhiy Grabarchuk
MC15  Loyd, Dudeney and... Galactic Takeover
It's amusing to see how things that were interesting to puzzlers many decades ago look fresh and attractive today. Of course, they were presented in a somewhat different manner, but their core is still appealing to their solvers...
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Seven Hockey Pucks
MC14  Seven Hockey Pucks
Can you arrange seven hockey pucks in six rows so that there will be exactly three hockey pucks in each row?
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Puzzling Shopping
MC13  Puzzling Shopping
A man went in to a shop and asked: "How much is 1?"
"£1.20" replied the shopkeeper.
"How much are 10?" asked the man,
"£2.40" replied the shopkeeper,
"I'll have a 100" said the man,
The shopkeeper charged him £3.60, what was the man buying?
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3 2 1


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