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100 Best Puzzles of 2008

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Mozaik Untouchable 11 Oskar's Tunable Maze Spin-In 1 Radar Chart Orbox B Car Puzzle
Tile Puzzles Easy Flat Color Cube Ze's Lil Matchstick Puzzle Game Water Jars Loops of Zen
Cubox I Crate Moving Susuke Puzzle Box Qink Z-Rox
The Eight Queens Paperblocks Casual Gameplay Design Competition #1 Erich's Full-House Puzzles Pearls Before Swine Rolling Block Peg Solitaire
Bumping Squares Magic Square Puzzle Cubeoban Casual Gameplay Design Competition #2 Fourbyfour
Get Groovy Simple NEO ONE XRaye Cubespective Return to the Future
Gamedesign Sliding Block Puzzle Searchlight Maze Shapeology Parking Zone Game Poiser Fulfillment
Dupligon Slanty Sliding Block Puzzles Oskar's Parallel Universe Maze The Tower of Hanoi Sliding Maze One Magic Square RayRay Game
CuberXtreme Tetramino Checkers from UniPuzzle.com Bloxorz Znax Virtual Pannerotto
Maze of Rah Break the Machine Dave the Worm from ice13.com XL-up maze The Bulbous Blob Puzzle Rings by Alexey Lebedev
3D Logic II: Stronghold of Sage 3DTetris from 3dtetris.com Coin Arrangement Puzzle Building Houses 2 3D Lab Mouse by Oskar van Deventer BoxUp Puzzles Boatman Riddle
Beads Eight Knights In the Seven Rotation TJ-wriggle Puzzles Digit Puzzle
Unfolded Cube Puzzle Plainim from cut-the-knot.org ConSlide Puzzles from PuzzleBeast.com Rolling Block Mazes SLED-25
One More Square Starry Night Maze from GAMES Magazine The Checkered TOY from UniPuzzle.com The Active Mazes from Clickmazes Colour-Wriggle Mazes from ClickMazes Znumbers
Kokonotsu SuperSudoku JigScale The Fried Okra Perplexity Triagonal Slide-Out by Markus Götz A Dozen Irritating Sliding Block Puzzles The Tangramboard Plus from Age of Puzzles Gearloose by Joe Becker
Tetramino Contours from AgeOfPuzzles.com Vexed The K-Ball® from IML Limited Creaky 3D Holey Rectangle
Rubik's Fifteen from dotSphinx Chain-reaction Spider Maze from SuperMaze.com Oskar's Threesome Maze from ClickMazes Plastelina Game 3 Harbor Puzzle
Previous 100 Summary Collections  |  500 Best Puzzle 2008
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Posted: January 6, 2009 top
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