The Zero Puzzle The Zero Puzzle
A Zero is broken into four pairs of pieces. Each pair is formed from a rectangle. Thus it brings you a set of eight pieces at once. Create miscellaneous shapes from this set and let the fantasy be your constant helper.
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The One Puzzle The One Puzzle
Seven pieces that have to be turned into ONE. Though some pieces seem to be easily interchanged, the goal is to find the proper places within the digit's outline for every of them to make the ONE appear.
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The Snake With Diamonds The Snake With Diamonds
Help the snake to crawl around a flower in the way that to save the diamond pattern on its back. To do that simply slide the set of pieces around until the complete snake appear in the new position.
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The Sliding Three The Sliding Three
There are two color balls inside the digit. The goal is to exchange their positions and simultaneously save the digit of Three. Is it possible to do? Another sliding block puzzle in the set.
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4D Numerical Puzzle 4D Numerical Puzzle
The four simple rectangles growing in certain progression in their sizes plus a rectangular outline. The goal is to place those rectangles within the outline so that the outline of the digit Four would appear.
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The Match Five The Match Five
The five matchsticks are placed in such a way that they create the digit of Five. The goal is to move just several matchsticks into new position so that the five Fives instead of one appear.
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The Checkered Six The Checkered Six
The three-in-one puzzle set. It contains a chessboard and two chess Six's. Every shape has to be composed of the entire set of 12 pieces. And... don't forget to alternate the dark and light cells.
Play  |  PDF Version (222 KB)
The Double Seven The Double Seven
The turn-it-over puzzle. It consists of two Seven's - each of different color. The object is to exchange the colors of the digits, and in order to turn the color of a piece you have to turn that piece over.
Play  |  PDF Version (214 KB)
The Eight Puzzle The Eight Puzzle
The 12 pieces have to be arranged into the complete Eight digit. The pattern of the Eight is already provided and all what is left to do is to discover the proper place for each piece within the pattern.
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Change The Nine Change The Nine
Twelve dark and three light balls are arranged into the digit of Nine. After a sequence of special moves the digit has to be turned into the digit of Zero, finally making the loop in the 0-9 series.
Play  |  PDF Version (208 KB)
  About the Project
Welcome to the world of puzzling digits! We've
renewed for you this  Puzzle Pack of 10 "digit" puzzles, bringing it up to a special Summer Remix Edition. Among other new design features this Edition includes also PDF versions of the puzzles. Enjoy it this Summer and beyond...

Something else...
This collection of 10 puzzles is mainly based on the book Puzzles From 0 To 9 by Peter Grabarchuk published in 1999. Some puzzles are brand-new and have been designed specially to this Puzzle Pack.

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Find more from Peter Grabarchuk at


Find more puzzles from Peter Grabarchuk in the
Modern Classic Puzzles book.

Discover more from Peter Grabarchuk in the Modern Classic Puzzles book

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