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At the moment the report from the WPC till October 10 is available.
Day 1: October 8, 2005
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Hotel Eger & Park opens up its doors to this year's WPC. The delegations are arriving starting from the early morning. Welcome in Eger!   Six+ P.M. The big Conference Hall is almost ready for the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Party. The Hall will be simultaneously the main place for the Championship contests.   The enigmatic paintings on the walls add up to the puzzling spirit of the event.
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Tantrix - capturing the participants' attention in the lobby. Trying to pave the entire table with the tiles? But are they enough?   The opposite site of the lobby: playing?.. cheating?.. telling the fortunes? Or maybe they simply didn't heard of Tantrix yet?..   The VIP WPC & WPF folks. Preparing for puzzle matters' discussions and hard contests of the next days.
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Happy participants from India. Asia continent is continually growing its presence on WPC's.   Still in the lobby: chatting, solving, smiling... Trying to pretend not to think about the upcoming contests?   Welcome Party. The main organizer on behalf of the entire organizing committee is glad to see everyone coming to Eger. Several jokes, twists, and greetings - and all the delegations are warmed up.
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The Opening Ceremony at Welcome Party. The incumbent WPF Chairman Vítezslav Koudelka opens the Event in an Olympic-like style: Let the 14th WPC declare opened! Hungarian dances. One of the of the Welcome Party's gems. Dances continue... Warming up the participants even more.
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Time for the meal at the Party. But what is that? Isn't it Sudoku served? Brain food? Second course? Or maybe the first?   The night Eger. An optional individual walk in the hotel's vicinity after the Party's substantial meal. The first WPC day is almost done.
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