The Anchor Puzzle Book


by Jerry Slocum and Dieter Gebhardt


with Dic Sonneveld, Harold Raizer and Jack Botermans

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The Anchor Puzzle Book   The amazing stories of 53 new puzzles made of stone. F. Ad. Richter began selling the first Anchor Stone puzzle in 1890, and the same puzzle is still being produced 120 years later. The first puzzle was the Chinese Tangram and it was so successful that Richter designed and produced four new puzzles within the next two years. His success was due to the attractive look and feel of the stones and by the beautiful graphics by the best German artists on the covers of the boxes and problem books.

This book is a journey of 120 years through the development of amazing puzzles during the turbulence of European history. It tells the stories of the puzzles and shows all of Richter's puzzles and their many variations over the years, and it provides more than 650 problems for you to solve from 37 Anchor Stone puzzles.

Hardcover 152 pages in full color and a DVD is included with the book that contains:
- KERAM, The Unknown Anchor Stone Factory
- All 4000 problems from the 53 puzzles, and their solutions
- Anchor Stone Puzzle Catalogs by Richter from 1890 to 1960
- Advertising the Anchor puzzle during 1891
- Drawings of Anchor Stones used for the puzzles

Posted: November 3, 2012
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