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Chinese Bronze Tangram, ca. 1840.
From left to right: Anne D. Williams, Will Shortz and Jerry Slocum at the exhibition's opening.

Youngest Solver Try for a Speed Record - jigsaw puzzle, Victor Talking Machine Company. Circa 1920.
We met the youngest puzzle solver. Kai Davino-Collins is 4, and likes very much to solve puzzles and play computer games.

Trick Boxes

Recycling Box 1 - trick box by Shirou Tajima.
Akio Kamei (on the left) is the most original and famous master of trick boxes. Everyone wants to solve his ingenious and elegant boxes.

Old Classic Puzzles...
Mickey Mouse Railroad - jigsaw puzzle, Marks Brothers Co. Circa 1935.
Dozens of wonderful puzzles were carefully selected to be displayed at the Exhibition.

...Modern Puzzle Gems
The Three-Piece Block Puzzle by Stewart Coffin. 1980.
Some excellent modern puzzles give numerous challenges and hours of fun to the solvers.

Everybody's Solving Drink If You Can - puzzle jug. Late 19th century.
Every visitor is a very active puzzle solver, though some of the puzzles are very hard even for the puzzle connoisseurs.
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