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2008 Google U.S. Puzzle Championship   Thomas Snyder won his third US championship, finishing 15 minutes before the 2 1/2 hour deadline in Google U.S. Puzzle Championship which had been held online earlier this summer. Thomas recorded the first-ever perfect score of all 365 points available. Of the US contestants Zack Butler placed second with 322 of 365 points, claiming the open spot on the US Puzzle Team to compete at the 17th World Puzzle Championship in Minsk, Belarus later this year. Roger Barkan and Dan Katz finished the third and the fourth with 303 and 298 points respectively.

Six hundred contestants from 37 countries participated in the Championship and the results helped to select team members for Canada and Italy. Byron Calver was the top for Canada with 317 points and Alberto Fabris - for Italy with 275 points.

The top international scores were: Vlad Klyachin of Russia (300), Hideaki Jo of Japan (285), Shinichi Aoki of Japan (265), Taro Arimatsu of Japan (260), and Denis Auroux of France (255).

For more detailed information, please, take a look at
Top individual results or Full individual results, as well as at the overall Summary page.
Sources: Puzzle Team USA  |  World Puzzle Federation  |  WPC 2008
Posted: August 17, 2008
2008 Google U.S. Puzzle Championship - Results

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