Do Crosswords Favor Democrats over Republicans?

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  This is an interesting question indeed. Even more: in the last month left to the presidential elections of 2008 the question is narrowed to more controversial one: do crossword puzzles favor OBAMA over MCCAIN and BIDEN over PALIN? This is what David Levinson Wilk addresses in his brief article on the issue.

David writes for “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and constructs crossword puzzles for Politico. His recent little research undermines several very interesting issues in context of some (not all!) crossword puzzles published in such established newspapers as Washington Post, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Surprisingly, the controversy can be interpreted in different ways, neither of which would provide a final answer. One of them can be referred to the media political bias, if there is any. The other can simply deal with the... proper combinations of vowels and consonants. Anyway, David's observation is worth to take a look at.
Sources: Politico  |  Justin's Puzzles
Posted: October 8, 2008
Do Crosswords Favor Democrats over Republicans?
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