Domino Day 2008


Celebrating 10 years of Domino Day

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Domino Day 2008: Celebrating 10 years of Domino Day
The World Domino Day 2008 took place this past Friday on November 14, in WTC Expo Center in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. "Celebrating 10 years of Domino Day - Breaking more World Records than ever" was the central theme of this year's Domino Day.
Domino Day 2008: Celebrating 10 years of Domino Day
In cooperation with the Guinness Book of Record, the organizers managed to find ten world records which were attempted and successfully broken that day. The most important of them was the overall number of stones toppled. As it was with the previous year the total number set was 4,500,000 stones. But in 2007 the attempt failed resulting only in 3,671,465 dominoes toppled. This year the number of dominoes toppled was 4,345,027. The record from year 2006 of 4,079,381 was finally broken - big success for the 10th jubilee anniversary!
Domino Day 2008: Celebrating 10 years of Domino Day
More than 85 people from 13 countries took part in the challenge, which took eight weeks in setting up and a year in the planning. The event was live broadcasted in over 8 countries. The list of all the records broken by Domino Day 2008 can be found on Wikipedia here.

An incredible BBC video can be seen here. You will be captured from the very moment how the first stone is toppled down till the point the total number of stones fallen is displayed. The big amazing stages featuring 3D constructions, complex geometrical patterns and even images of celebrities! Bet you'd want to see it twice!
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Posted: November 21, 2008

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