National Puzzle Day 2009

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January 29th is the National Puzzle Day in the United States of America. What is recommended for the day? Solve an extra puzzle or create one on your own.

Happy Puzzling!
GridWorks Logic Puzzles 059-060 Strimko Set 020 Finding Peace Favorite TV Shows The Cat An Old Classic Problem
Sleepy Head: An Online Cartoon Puzzle The Rock Climber Maze Easy Space Travel Holidays Merry-Go-Round GridWorks Logic Puzzles 057-058 Annigrams: Play Rush Hour®
GridWorks Easy 12 First Night Spin•Out® Strimko Set 019 4D Sudoku The Shame of the Unknown
Strimko Set 018 Who are You? GridWorks Logic Puzzles 055-056 How Many Minutes? Changing Orders Ten Hearts
Twins Jigsaw Puzzles for All Digits in the Square Wooden Path Counting the Triangles Coins 12
Mozaik Six Knights Geometrical 12 The State of Civilization Strimko Set 017 GridWorks Logic Puzzles 053-054
Source: Passion for Puzzles
Posted: January 29, 2009

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