US Nationals and Open 2008

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US Nationals and Open 2008   US Nationals and Open 2008 will be held on July 19-20, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia. The event is organized by Caltech, Berkeley Rubik's Cube Clubs, and Winning Moves USA. The event's venue - Underground Atlanta.

US Nationals and Open 2008 is an official
WCA event open to all competitors, US and international. It will feature a number of main events - a range of Speedsolve, One-hand and Blindfold; and a number of side events, including Pyraminx, Rubik's Clock, Fewest Moves or Megaminx.

preregistration will be closed July 12, 2008.

More information can be found at
WCA and US Nationals 2008.

More detailed information about the event can be found at the WSC 2008
official website. Also, please read The TimesOnline UK article or take a look at the WPF site.
Sources: World Cube Association  |  US Nationals 2008
Posted: July 4, 2008

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