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The Art of the Puzzle: Astounding and Confounding
Puzzle Tournament for the Smartest People of the Globe
The £1 Million Eternity Prize Goes to Cambridge!!
Biggest Mind Sports Olympiad of this Millennium!
IPP20 - Main Puzzle Event of the Year!
The Art of the Puzzle: Astounding and Confounding
Katonah Museum Logo
The Katonah Museum of Art
This museum's activity are so wide and exciting that any visitors - parents and children, teachers and students, mathematicians and historians, and, of course, puzzle lovers - may spend here a day or two playing and learning.

The major exhibition - The Art of the Puzzle: Astounding and Confounding - was opened on October 15, 2000 and will go till January 7, 2001. More than 300 mechanical and jigsaw puzzles are presented. Many of them every visitor may try to solve at any of a dozen tables. The guest curators - Jerry Slocum and Anne D. Williams.

October 15, 2000 through April 15, 2001 - works by David Colbert based on five polyhedrons. His stainless steel sculptures show an endless chain of transformations and fantastic visual effects.

October 15, 2000 through January 7, 2001 - Walter Wick: Optical Games and Picture Puzzles. Walter Wick is the author and photographer of Walter Wick's Optical Tricks, and the photographer of I Spy books of picture puzzles sold over eleven million copies.
Puzzle Tournament for the Smartest People of the Globe
9 WPC Logo
The 9th World Puzzle Championship & Congress
Stamford, Connecticut, October 11-16, 2000
It was the biggest World Puzzle Championship ever. Fantastic competitions, a great cultural program and the lovely weather - all these made the Stamford Championship so memorable for puzzle folks from all over the World. Participants from 23 countries took part in the Championship & Congress. There were 20 4-person puzzle solvers teams (two of them were international including solvers from several countries).

The tournament was divided into 9 parts. Three days puzzle teams and individuals were solving pencil-n-paper puzzles of many different kinds, visual logic puzzles, arithmetical and geometrical puzzles, mechanical puzzles and much, much more. Everyone could compete equally - all the puzzles were created so that to solving them no specific language or cultural background was necessary. We plan to propose you some of these puzzles soon. Now you may try one of them.

The team winners:
1st Place - USA;
2nd Place - the Netherlands;
3rd place - Germany.

The individual winners:
1st Place - Ulrich Voigt, Germany;
2nd Place - Wei-Hwa Huang, USA;
3rd Place - Niels Roest, the Netherlands. 

The 10th World Puzzle Championship will be held in 2001 in Marienbad, Czech Republic.
The £1 Million Eternity Prize Goes to Cambridge!!
The Winner Takes It All!
As it was stated, on Thursday, October 26, 2000 at noon in London an unemployed mathematician Alex Selby, 32, from Cambridge, picked up a £1 Million prize for solving the Eternity puzzle. The puzzle was first officially launched in the UK in June 1999.

Alex Selby has solved the 209-piece challenge in cooperation with Oliver Riordan, 28, another mathematician from Cambridge University. So they will share the prize.

Now Christopher Monckton - the puzzle's inventor - says he will have to sell his £1.5 Million stately home in Aberdeenshire to find the cash for the prize. But he said: "I'm delighted it's been solved." See its solutions.

And all this means that one more puzzle with a huge prize - this time of £1 Million - now belongs to the World Puzzle History.
Biggest Mind Sports Olympiad of this Millennium!
The Fourth Mind Sports Olympiad
London, England, August 19-28, 2000
MSO 4 - was held this year in London, England again. It brought together the World's biggest players in classic games; there were 5067 entries. More information you may see on the MSO Worldwide official site.
IPP20 - Main Puzzle Event of the Year!
The 20th International Puzzle Party
Los Angeles, California, August 12-16, 2000
The Twentieth International Puzzle Party - a wonderful forum for serious collectors of mechanical puzzles, puzzle designers and authors - was held in Los Angeles from August 12 through 16, 2000.

362 puzzle enthusiasts from all around the World have attended this memorable puzzle meeting. The organizers did a wonderful job, and proposed a very rich program that was puzzling, magic, music and cultural. There was a lot of events, excursions, lectures and fun during the Party. IPP20 was the biggest puzzle party ever.

Next International Puzzle Party will be held in 2001 in Japan.
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