Jukebox Puzzle


by Oskar van Deventer

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This program requires a Java-enabled browser.

A red and a blue coin always appear at the top of the Jukebox. Click one of them to insert it into the Jukebox. Your goal is to make all the red coins dropped into the left red basket at the bottom of the Jukebox, while all the blue coins - into the right blue basket.

A coin can be inserted into the Jukebox either clicking on it directly, of with the respective keys pressed (two options):
- 1 for a red coin, 2 for a blue coin or
- the left arrow for a red coin, the right arrow for a blue coin.

You score a point for every coin dropped correctly. You lose one point for a wrong coin. You win if you score 40 or more points. You lose if 40 coins drop into the wrong basket.

You are welcome to try 89 challenges in this puzzle!

The Java version of Oskar's mechanical Jukebox Puzzle appeared for the first time at ClickMazes.

Posted: March 13, 2008
Jukebox Puzzle
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