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by Kate Jones

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Above are three four-letter words, which create an initial Annigram—PLAY RUSH HOUR. Each letter in the Annigram is written on the top of a building which you can freely move around. The goal is to shuffle the 12 buildings with the letters on them in any order so as to form three new four-letter words. Use every letter exactly once in each new Annigram. Find at least three new Annigrams, with no word repeated.

To move the letters across the grid, simply drag them. Putting one on top of another switches their places. Any new Annigram can be saved in the column to the right of the playing grid—just click the Save Annigram button for this.

Use the Restart button each time you want to start solving from the initial Annigram. Any Annigrams you've saved will remain on your list.

Each time you want to delete a saved Annigram, click the basket icon next to the respective Annigram in the list.

A special Check Spelling option is also available. It allows you to verify whether the created words are true English words. When this option is selected, the Save feature will not accept invalid words. Of course, since the language is always evolving and expanding, it can happen our list of possible words is incomplete and doesn't include a valid word you've formed. If you feel your word exists in modern English just deselect the option (click the checkmark) in order to make the words on your own. If you still want to check your words, we recommend you refer to more comprehensive on-line resources, such as Merriam-Webster OnLine or

Last Updated: May 25, 2007
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