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The Stamford Puzzle Time (1)


Arrival JFK - Evening Sky.
Several puzzle teams at JFK international airport are awaiting on a bus to Stamford.

Man-In-A-Box A sculpture at the World Trade Center.
There was an excursion on Manhattan as a part of the Championship's cultural program. 
A living puzzle on Manhattan.

Puzzles Are Everywhere The Wafer Tangram - a tasty wafer divided into Tangram's pieces by Metin Orsel, Turkey.
A huge metal sculptural burr at the Stamford mall.

Competitions The main timer of the Championship is set up.
20 teams from all over the World have just started their three-day puzzle competitions.

Mr. Potato Head, Lunar Lockout and More... Lunar Lockout's challenges are really hard.
Many popular puzzles were in the contests of the Championship.

The top 10 individuals will start a play-off in a few minutes. Who will be a winner?

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