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You have three bears and three humans. The bears and humans have to take a boat from one island to another island. One bear is a special bear who can drive the boat. The boat can hold no more than two - 2 bears, or 2 humans, or 1 bear plus 1 human. There can never be more bears than humans on either island or the human will be killed. How can this be done?

* This puzzle is derived from the old class of puzzles with river crossing...


Mini-Contest 4 - Bears & People is FINISHED

It was our fourth mini-contest. This puzzle wasn't as easy as it might seem at first sight, but finally we have six+one (last minute) correct answers. Now we propose this contest's results and some details about the puzzle and its solution. With this Mini-Contest 4 is finished. We thank you for your active participation, and look forward to the next Mini-Contests. Happy Puzzling!

Contest Results

The winners are:
1. Husnu Sincar.
2. Nicole Takahashi.
3. Xiner.
4. Marie Sabbe.
5. Katherine Cardiff.
6. Adam Dutke.
7. Kaj Braek.
Posted: February 2, 2002  |  Last Updated: July 31, 2007
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