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From time to time we are receiving your messages with seemingly simple requests which turn out to be hard puzzle nuts even for us, though. In these cases our search was unsuccessful. Nobody can know everything!

At the moment we have a pretty big collection of such perplexing questions, and now in turn we'd like to ask you, our visitors, to help us with finding out answers to them. It easily can be that somebody of you knows some answer to any of the questions below, so any your tips or help will be greatly appreciated - simply Contact Us.
Question: ok i have a riddle and i need to know the answer here it is.....

I can be this, and you can be this. And, yes, we can be this. He can't be this, and she can't be this. And no, they can't be this. Dogs can't be this, but cats can. And a kitten can't be this, but a puppy can. Givers can't be this, but beggers can. And humility can't be this, but greed can. Not even peace can be this, but fear can. What is "This"?

please help
Lisa K.

Answer: The answer is words that can be typed with one hand on a QWERTY keyboard.
Question: Hi there!
My friend Claire wrote a poem. I have to guess the subject. This is the title:

Broken Animal Crackers

So, what is the poem about? Thanks for any ideas you have,

Answer: ???
Question: dear sir/ms i am looking for a puzzle i had in my youth. it was called '''orients spell''. it was a 1930's puzzle with boats and Arab type buildings. thankyou, 
bill s.

Answer: ???
Question: I am looking for a special puzzle It has New York skyline on the right side with the George Washington bridge going to the middle Then it has San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate bridge meeting in the middle It is the coolest puzzle can you help find it I believe it was called East meets West Thank you 
Ronan L

Answer: ???
Question: i am having a problem trying to find a phonology website for puzzles. i am most certain that you have one. Can you please assist me in finding one. It is for a project. thanks alot 

Answer: ???
Question: I am looking for information on a block stacking game called "babylon". I believe it was manufactured by Lorenz, but I cannot find any information for either. Any info or suggestions on web sites will be appreciated. thanks in advance

Answer: ???
Question: I bought a puzzle from ABC Distributing. the design is of a dolphin with an aquatic design over the body of the dolphin, including coral, sharks, fish more dolphins, and a turtle. I am missing one peice out of a yellow fish at the bottom of the picture. Someone told to check w/ you guys about how I might be able to go about finding this one piece w/o buying and putting together a whole 'nother puzzle. Any info would be appriciated. 
Thank you,

Answer: ???
Question: DICE

(These words are in a raised position.) I have tried many solutions and have not come up with the right one yet. Any ideas??

Answer: Paradise.
Question: I am having trouble locating Mighty Mind. Can you help me find this product? Thank you,
Sandy W.

Answer: ???

Answer: ???
Question: I am looking for a discontinued puzzle by Roger Blachon "Bon Apetite" by Heye. Do you have any leads to help me find one?
Lori W.

Answer: ???
Question: We recently finish a 75 x 52 puzzle. I looked at our nearby stores like Aaron Brothers, Target, Walmart, Office Depot for a frame but I haven't found a frame this size. Can you direct me to other stores who might have this size of frames? I'm in the San Diego area. Thank you for your help.
Lori G.

Answer: ???
Question: I need a puzzle that helps me with my typing speed. please send some to me.
Elise Y.

Answer: ???
Question: I need help solving something called brainteasers. it looks like this: 


Answer: I think the answer to this is bend over back-wards. Draw reversed.
Brady Jeffery

Answer: i THINK IT IS "bend over backwards and forwards"

Answer: *****= "Bend over backwards"
Lee Root
Question: I need to know the answer to this puzzle is it double usual why?
Can u help????

Answer: ???
Question: I was wondering if you could help me locate a resource for a word game that my wife and I got addicted to when living in Tacoma, Washington and subscribing to the Tacoma News Tribune.

They had a daily puzzle they simply called "Word Game". They would give you a word up to ten letters in length and ask that you find as many combinations of 4+ letter scrambled words contained within. A time limit, average, and maximum number of words were given.

Contacting the newspaper proved fruitless. Can you help? Thanks.

Answer: ???
Question: To Anyone that can help: 
My boyfriend put together a puzzle, and put alot of effort into it. I moved it and it fell to the floor. Needless to say, all of the pieces are not together anymore. I don't have the box it came in anymore, therefor I don't have a picture of it to refer to in order to put it back together. I think the name of it was 90 bottles of beer. Can anyone help me and tell me where I might be able to get a picture of this again, or even a web site that can give me this information? Thanks

Answer: ???
Question: I need to find the answers to the following .... I hope you can assist. These are cryptic versions of common phrases 
1. Quack, quack 
    cluck, cluck 
clue: focus on the types of animal that talk like that (2 words)
2.  - murder
3. Good, better... 
clue: complete the missing word first and then find the everyday phrase that sums it all up (6 words)
4. D west D
Christy W.

Answer: 4. D west D 

I think the answer to this one is West Indes (west in D's)
Brady Jeffery

Answer: 2.   - murder

I think the answer to this one is: Senseless murder (Cents less Murder)
Brady Jeffery

Answer: 2.  - murder


Answer: 4. D west D 

*****#4 =West Indies
Lee Root

Answer: 2.  - murder

"Senseless murder"

Answer: 1. Quack, quack 
     cluck, cluck
Answer: Foul Play
3. Good, better... 
Answer: To save the best for last
Jensen Lai
Question: have you got a site for how to learn to tell the time?
claire g.

Answer: ???
Question: I need to find a Wizard of Oz jigsaw puzzle for a three year old, any suggestions? Thank you
Hannah B.

Answer: ???
Question: I am looking to purchase an inexpensive 3D puzzle. Would prefer to find one of the New York skyline. Thank you for your help. 
Charlene N.

Answer: ???
Question: I am seeking a puzzle relating to water safety. My son enjoys swimming and I want to help but yet have fun with him at the same time in learning about water safety. Can you help us? I thank you in advance for your assistance.
Tanya C.

Answer: ???
Question: looking for the puzzle called THE GOLDEN GEARS its about 10 to 15 years old i think its made by CEACO inc. help. thanks

Answer: All we have so far is the Ceaco site and their mail and e-address and phone number:

124 Watertown St.
Watertown, MA 02472

We hope this may help, if you try to inquire them about the Golden Gear puzzle directly.
Question: I have a Ravensburger puzzle that I purchased in a local specialty store in my area years ago and would like some more. The store has closed and I have tried different web sites, but to no avail. It was distributed by International Playthings, Inc. in the U.S.A. Otto Maier Verlag Ravensburg I assume is the artist. It is a unique puzzle in the fact that it doesn't have traditional shaped pieces and it has a black and white image under the finished puzzle. Please contact me with any information about where I can get them. Thanks

Answer: I think Discovery Toys still sells Ravensburger puzzles.
Question: i am having a bit of trouble with a word type of puzzle. it's a play on words kind of thing. for example the word "house" on top of the word "stove" would be home on the range. the one i'm having problems wit is as follows..."ithebagm" i have come up with a couple of solutions but neither one sounds right . if you can help me it would be greatly appreciated. thank you, 

Answer: I believe that would be: "I'm holding the bag"
Question: Where can I get one of these puzzles also named Heye? (or Beachon) something like that. Thank you for your help,

Answer: ???
Question: I was given a brainteaser Word Picture that I can't find!!!


Any help?? What's it mean?

Answer: I think the answer to this one is: The good, the bad, and the ugly. (Good fairy, bad wolf, ugly duckling)
Brady Jeffery

Answer: *****="The good, the bad, and the ugly"?
Lee Root
Question: Could you please inform me what type of puzzles should I use for my two and a half year old son, he does not like to sit in one place for a long time, and since am a working mother, please help me with some information

Answer: ???
Modified: November 30, 2007
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