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From time to time we are receiving your messages with seemingly simple requests which turn out to be hard puzzle nuts even for us, though. In these cases our search was unsuccessful. Nobody can know everything!

At the moment we have a pretty big collection of such perplexing questions featured in the first part of Help with... Help, Help with... Help - Part 2, Help with... Help - Part 3 and Help with... Help - Part 4. This is the 4th part of such messages that we've collected for the several past months.

It easily can be that somebody of you knows some answer to any of the questions below, so any your tips or help will be greatly appreciated - simply Contact Us.
Question: We are having allot of trouble solving this puzzle plz help.
There are nine chickens in a chicken pen. Three rows of three chickens. I own three of them, which three and why????
Thanx for your help

Answer: ???
Question: can u give me the ans of this puzzles immediately-
1.there are no words without me what am i ?
2.Now double the elements me what am i ?
3.Put my elements will find that magic value that represents colors in light what is that?
4.step that up by two and find this magic value which says that when i grow,my first part goes up and my second part comes down what am i?
Ashish R.

Answer: ???
Question: i have one question with me.
fisherman loves me.Doctors hate me kids want to eat me..i am a thing & i am a13 letter word;
_h_t_ _ _i _ _me_..send answer immediately...
Sowmya K.

Answer: ???
Question: 1. A class has 50 students, 26 boys and 24 girls. The principal divided the students in group of 30 and 20.He doesn't know the exact no. of boys or girls in the group. But the proportion of no. of boys in group A is more than that of the no. of girls in group B. Then tell the difference in no. of boys in group A and girls in group B

2. A person has 4 enclosures of sheep. Each having different no. of sheeps. Once he counted the no. of sheep in all 4.for the first he count 75 and write it as ~!@.In 2nd he counted 255 and write it as @~!. In third counted 183 and write it as !@~.For the 4th he write ~@! Then what is the no. of sheep in that.

3. Uncle Reuben and aunt Cynthia came to town to shop. Reuben bought a suit and hat for $15.Cynthia paid as much as for her hat as Reuben did for his suit. Then she spent the rest of her money for her dress. On the way to home Cynthia called Reubens attention to the fact that his hat cost $1 more than her dress. Then uncle said if we had divided our hat money differently such that we bought a different hats mine costing 1 and times cost of yours then we would have spent the equal amount of money.

(i) How much the hat would cost in that case?
(ii) What is the total amount spent?

4. A cow is standing 5 feet from the middle of the bridge. A train is coming towards the cow at speed of 90 miles per hour from the near end and the train is twice as long as the bridge. If the cow had tried to move forward in the same direction as of the train then the cow would have got hit be three feet. But it moved in opposite direction to the train and saved by one feet. Then what is the length of the bridge?

V. G.

Answer: ???
Question: Hi,
Do you have any idea about how to solve the Don't count on it puzzle? It's making me crazy, I think the only way to solve is hiting the box.
Please help me.
Alberto J. M..

Answer: ???
Question: I wish to purchase Sandro Del-Prete's paradoxical puxxles BL 1 1000 43 and BL 1 1000 42. What is the easiest way to make this happen? Please advise.
Thank you,
John S.

Answer: ???
Question: hi i have a question with one puzzle and i would like to know the answer since i can't find it.
the problem is, what is a five letter word that when you take out four letters, you get a word?
please get back to me as soon as possible. i would appreciate it.
thank you for your time

Answer: ???
Question: Hi
I wrote to you a few months ago searching for a puzzle where you make a picture by putting together little square pictures into a big grid using co ordinates.
I have now found a very similar puzzle in a few magazines. It is sometimes called Graph-It, Picture-It or Art On A Square. My problem is that the variety puzzles magazines usually only have one of these puzzles published in the magazine so it can be a bit expensive. I have looked on the internet but can't seem to find a web site that has them and I was wondering if anyone knows about a site or the puzzle.
Michelle R.

Answer: ???
Question: I need help with these few number/language equations.

12 P on a FT in C
1 BC to 1 AD
6 G from G
3 S on OB
16 M on the EC

Please help me asap. I'm going crazy over it. Thanks!

Answer: ???
Question: i want know to the meaning of following jumbeled alphabets



Answer: ???
Question: I am trying to help someone solve an extra credit word puzzle for school. The clue is GREEN AND MAKES HOLES.

The first word has one letter.
The second word has five letters
The last word has six letters

The letters used are: A D I L R E P I C W L E

Can anyone help?

Answer: ???
Question: dear friends,


this is a puzzle .can u please solve this for me. and please send me how to solve this type of the puzzles.
thank u,
Rajesh B.

Answer: ???
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