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132  The Lost Tiger Illusion from Rusty Rust
131  Looking for a Puzzle
130  Help with... Help - Part 3
129  12 Ice Creams
128  Jigsaw Puzzle Frames
127  The Znumbers Feature
126  Great Wall of China Jigsaw
125  Heart Breaker Disentanglement Puzzle
124  A Sudoku Challenge
123  A Ceaco Jigsaw
122  Jigsaw Puzzle Carrier
121  Dragon Paper Illusion
132  The Lost Tiger Illusion from Rusty Rust
Recently a prominent artist D.L. "Rusty" Rust has sent us one of his illusion paintings - The Lost Tiger. Can you see the illusion in the image provided?

More of Rusty Rust's paintings can be found at his Artist Pages. There you can find a whole collection of astounding illusion paintings. If you are hungry for high quality paintings and illusions hidden in them - two in one - Rusty's collection is definitely higher on the list of places where you can appease your hunger.

We would like to thank Rusty Rust for such a wonderful contribution!
Source  |  Illusion copyright Rusty Rust
Posted: June 22, 2006
131  Looking for a Puzzle
Question: I'm not sure if this can be called a puzzle but I have surf the net so much looking for it and thought maybe you could help me.

You have a grid that has coordinates on it like the alphabet going across and numbers going down similar to a map's coordinates. You then have square little grids that have some of their little squares coloured in and it tells you where to put this piece on the big grid by giving you its coordinates eg. F2 or E3 etc. When you have filled in the whole grid then you will have like a pixel picture.
Hope this all makes sense.


Answer: Unfortunately, we can not figure this kind of puzzle at the moment right away. But maybe you, our fellow puzzle friends, could help us with this request? We will be very grateful for any your help in this.
Posted: June 22, 2006
Help with... Help - Part 3
130  Help with... Help - Part 3
From time to time we are receiving your messages with seemingly simple requests which turn out to be hard puzzle nuts even for us, though. In these cases our search was unsuccessful. Nobody can know everything!

At the moment we have a pretty big collection of such perplexing questions featured in the first part of Help with... Help and in the second part Help with... Help - Part 2. This is the third part of such messages that we've collected for the several recent months.

It easily can be that somebody of you knows some answer to any of the questions below, so any your tips or help will be greatly appreciated - simply Contact Us.
Go to Help with... Help - Part 3
Modified: November 30, 2007   |   Posted: May 31, 2006
129  12 Ice Creams
Question: I have a puzzling puzzle: "You have 12 ice cream bars to divide between 12 people, but one must remain in the box." What is the answer?

Answer: There are many variations of this classic puzzle. But the basic answer is almost always the same. In this case the answer is that 11 people get 11 ice cream bars, and the 12th one gets the 12th ice cream bar with the box.
Posted: April 10, 2006
A Ceaco Jigsaw
128  Jigsaw Puzzle Frames
Question: I recently brought a puzzle with a beautiful scenic image. Unfortunately the image is panoramic and I've had no luck finding a frame for it. The dimensions of the puzzle is 310 x 830 mm. Do you know of any sites or stores that might have frames of a similar dimension?

Thank you,
Katie C.

Answer: Please, read the answer to the question below.
Question: To Whom It may Concern, I am inquiring about a suggestions for a good place to order puzzle frames from. I have a bunch of gorgeous 1500 piece completed puzzles and wish to preserve them. measurements are 24 x 33" -ish....any suggestions taken!!! Thank you for your time and consideration! Regards,

Answer: So far we have found two possible websites selling the jigsaw puzzle frames of the specified sizes (i.e. 24"x33"). Unfortunately, the rest puzzle frames are mostly smaller in their sizes.

Thus, the two websites are:

Bits & Pieces - specifically here. They have a range of Black Metal Channel Frames, including available sizes of 24"x33".

Jigsaw Genie - specifically here. They have whole kits of styrene plastic 1" wide frames. In order to figure out which one to buy the height of the puzzle should be multiplied by its width and the resulting product will define the kit. For the 1500 pc. kit the range is between 676" and 900" - this is where the suggested puzzles fall in, since the product of 24x33 is 792.
Modified: November 2, 2006
Posted: April 10, 2006
127  The Znumbers Feature
Question: I have question regarding of the puzzles I was playing yesterday. When I went to your sight today I could not find it. It was the puzzle that was featured on the home page on Feb. 28, 2006. I have looked and could not find it and I was wondering if I describe it to you that I could find out what the name was. There was number 1-4 you had to move these numbers around until you were able to turn all the numbers gray and has you would beat each level the squares that were open to move too were less and less. If you need more information just let me thank you.
Kelly R.

Answer: From the information provided we can conclude that the request is about a puzzle from the Nick Kouvaris' site. The puzzle is called Znumbers.

The puzzle was the daily feature on our home page for February 28. At the same time it still can be found on our site - in the Puzzle Links sector - specifically in the Expert section.
Posted: April 10, 2006
A Ceaco Jigsaw
126  Great Wall of China Jigsaw
Question: I have a 750 borderless puzzle called the Great Wall of China, put out by Lombard Marketing under the name Bepuzzled. It is superimposed images of china cups and plates. When you finish the jigsaw, you are supposed to see the "Great Wall of China" as a hidden image within the jigsaw. This is the 4th time I have done the jigsaw, but no matter how I look at it, I cannot pick up this hidden image. Whether I look for a small or large image, I cannot find anything that seems to be the answer, and there doesn't seem to be a site to ask Lombard Marketing for help,

Answer: Unfortunately we are not affiliated with Lombard Marketing or Bepuzzled in any way. What we could recommend in this case, is to contact Bepuzzled directly - some their contacts can be found in PH Item #118. We hope this information can help.
Posted: April 10, 2006
125  Heart Breaker Disentanglement Puzzle
Question: Hi! I need help solving this puzzle: my sister decided to torture me with an iron colonial puzzle, 3 pieces linked together, has an "I", "U" and a heart symbol-"I love you?" In any case, the object is to unlink them, and there doesn't seem to be anyway possible to do it. Have you ever heard or seen one like that, and please, PLEASE, send me the solution if you do!! Do you know of any links to colonial puzzles? Oh well, any info would be appreciated...it's driving me nuts! Thank you!
Sue U.

Answer: From the detailed description above we assume it has to be a disentanglement puzzle known as "Heart Breaker." The object is to remove the heart shape.

One of the highly recommended online resources with such puzzles and more is Puzzle Master. Heart Breaker can be found here. The site also provides solutions to many of these puzzles. Specifically, the solution to Heart Breaker can be found here. In order to get it just fill in your name and email address in a form and click the "Request Solution" button. The manufacturer will send you instructions on how to download free solution.

Another good website providing solutions to such puzzles is Puzzle Solver. The solution to Heart Breaker can be found on this page. The same procedure with email is applied.
Posted: March 17, 2006
124  A Sudoku Challenge
Question: i need help on this today

Answer: As it can be seen from the rules on the sheet "Every row, column and mini-grid [3x3] must contain the numbers 1 through 9." This is the main rule for any Sudoku challenge. Unfortunately in the solution so far two mini-grids contain duplicate numbers in them. These are the upper right mini-grid and the lower left one. The former contains two 6's, while the latter one - two 9's and two 4's. We guess it could be better to start solving the challenge form the beginning again.
Posted: March 17, 2006
A Ceaco Jigsaw
123  A Ceaco Jigsaw
Question: I have the box for a ceaco, inc. puzzle titled "on the ball" it was 500 pieces, labelled no.5100-9 and dated 1991, 500 pieces...do you have this puzzle for me to buy? thanks in advance for your attention to this query!
sheila w. r.

Answer: Unfortunately we've not found the puzzle you are asking about. There are several other jigsaw puzzles from Ceaco, Inc. which have "ball" in their names, but not "on the ball" and not of the same number of pieces as indicated. For example, some list of Ceaco's puzzles can be found here. It could happen they had such a puzzle produced in 1991 but don't produce it anymore now.

What we could recommend in this case is to contact the manufacturer directly. Their site is www.ceaco.com or www.ceaco-inc.com. You can contact them at:
Ceaco, Inc.
124 Watertown St.
Watertown, MA 02472

This could be the most reliable way to get some more information on this puzzle.
Posted: February 14, 2006
Jigsaw Puzzle Carrier
122  Jigsaw Puzzle Carrier
Question: Question: Would you know where I could find the above [Jigsaw Puzzle Carrier]? Especially for larger puzzles when you can't finish them in 1 sitting - to transport what you have alreadY done. THANKS!
Lisa A.

Answer: A Jigsaw Puzzle Carriers (up to 1000 pieces) from Sterling Games can be found at:
- American Puzzles - specifically here.
- Chess Express - specifically here.
- ShopDirect - specifically here.

These all are the same carriers only the prices are different.

The same carrier can be found at Amazon.com - specifically here.

A different version of the Jigsaw Puzzle Carrier can be found at MGC's Custom Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles and Fine Art Gallery. These are Portapuzzles for 500, 1000 and 1500 pieces which can be found here.

Some Jigsaw Puzzle Carriers can be found at Puzzle House. These are Portapuzzle 1000 (best for 500-1000 piece puzzles) and Portapuzzle 1500 (best for 1000-1500 piece puzzles).

UnclesGames.com sells The Roll and Go version (up to 1000 piece puzzles) of the Jigsaw Puzzle Carrier.

One more recommended place to visit - Puzzles Downunder. It sells:
- Several versions of the Jigsaw Puzzle Carrier plus some other Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories - can be found here.
- 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle Roll (unfortunately posted only within Australia due to it's size).
- 2000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle Roll (unfortunately posted only within Australia due to it's size).
- A special complete jigsaw management system called JIGSORT (500, 1000 and 1500 piece puzzles).
Posted: February 14, 2006
Dragon Paper Illusion
121  Dragon Paper Illusion
Question: Dear Sirs: My son introduced to me the a.m. hologram which he printed and glued together to get the 3-D effect by closing one eye. I have searched Internet for Binary Arts, "the smart toy people" which is printed on the figure and found your address. Are you the same company? If so, could you pls. tell me if there are other likely holograms available and how to get them? Tks. in advance for your answer. Sincerely,
Enrique S.-B.

Answer: This illusion was really produced by Binary Arts several years ago. Also Binary Arts has changed its name to ThinkFun several years ago. Unfortunately they don't produce such holograms at the moment. You can visit their site directly - www.ThinkFun.com.

It's hard to say where such holograms can be found. We could recommend to visit www.grand-illusions.com. They have many illusions and among them the Dragon Illusion video as well.
Posted: February 14, 2006
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