Seven Hockey Pucks



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There are several ways to solve this puzzle. Many of you sent in great graphic illustrations to your solutions - thank you!! We show them below to illustrate these types of solutions.

Way 1 - 2D Solutions.

Draw a triangle. Then from each of the three angles of the triangle draw a line to the opposite side of the triangle. Make sure that all the three lines intersect in one point. 

Now put the seven pucks on the next points:
-- three pucks - on the three corners (vertices) of the triangle;
-- three pucks - on the sides of the triangle where the lines drawn from the respective corner points cross these sides.
-- one puck - on the point where all the three internal lines cross.
Seven Hockey Pucks - Solution by Tierrie
In this way you'll have six rows of three pucks each, namely, the three sides of the triangle and the three internal lines.

Way 2 - 3D Solutions.

We've got two solutions of this type.

3D Solution by Neil Myska

This solution contains 6+1 rows of 3 pucks each. Nice improvement!

Seven Hockey Pucks - Solution by Neil Myska
How about 7 pucks into 7 rows of three

3D Solution by Joe Wolfe

It contains exactly 6 rows of 3 Pucks each. Great trick!

Seven Hockey Pucks - Solution by Joe Wolfe

Way 3 - Special Solution.

We've got just one solution of this type.

Special Solution by Nickolas Daskalou

This solution contains 6 horizontal rows (lanes) with 3 hockey pucks each. Clever quibble!

Seven Hockey Pucks - Solution by Nickolas Daskalou

Also we got some solutions - both 2D and 3D - which either have more than seven pucks, or have less than six rows of three pucks each.

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