Ten Bags of Gold*

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10 Bags of Gold

Gold coin weighs one gram, counterfeit coin weighs 1.1 grams. You have 10 bags full of coins, nine of the bags are full of real gold but one bag is full of the counterfeit coins. Given a perfect scale (a pointer scale, for example) and ONE weighing can you determine which bag has counterfeit coins? If so how?

* This puzzle is a clever modern variation of coin-weighing puzzles...


Mini-Contest 9 - Ten Bags of Gold is FINISHED

It was our ninth mini-contest. Now we'd like to propose this contest's results and some details about the puzzle and its solution. With this Mini-Contest 9 is finished.

Contest Results

The winners are:
1. Jensen Lai.
2. Kevin McMullin.
3. Ray Beaumont.
4. Horst Karaschewski.
5. Mike Kurylo.
6. Nicole Takahashi.
7. Sheila Hedger.
8. Brian Tolfree.
9. Igor Goldman.
10. Kaj Braek.
11. Jason Meyers.
12. Ambadas.
13. Sandhya Kunnatur.
14. Adnan Macit.
15. Suhas Subramany.
Last Updated: September 30, 2007  |  Posted: January 7, 2002
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