Twelve Crayons*

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If you have 12 crayons arranged to make four perfect squares and take away three crayons to make three perfect squares can you answer that?
David V.

* Often it's described as a matchstick puzzle. Apparently it doesn't matter what you will use - matchsticks, toothpicks or crayons.


Mini-Contest 6 - Twelve Crayons is FINISHED

It was our sixth mini-contest. Now we have the first six correct answers and propose this contest's results and some details about the puzzle and its solution. With this Mini-Contest 6 is finished.

Contest Results

The winners are:
1. Nicole Takahashi.
2. Joao Paulo.
3. Jensen Lai.
4. Alex Packard.
5. Federico Bribiesca Argomedo.
6. Jeffrey Czarnowski.
Last Updated: July 8, 2007  |  Posted: January 24, 2002
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