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Clickmazes - by Andrea Gilbert

Welcome. This page is a special PuzzleUp portal to my home-site: www.clickmazes.com. A life-long interest for all things maze-like, combined with a slightly mischievous creative streak, has resulted in a unique range of mazes and interactive puzzles which are ideally suited to the Web. If you think mazes are childs-play then you'd be right (at clickmazes all you often need to know is how to drive a mouse) but beyond that the clickmazes are far from trivial. These mazes are interactive, 'java-powered' mazes for the web-based generation. A few introductions are listed below. Share and enjoy, but above all keep on clicking.

Plank puzzles
Work your way across a crocodile infested swamp using just three rather small, inadequate planks. A few tree-stumps is all you have to help plan your route. Try and keep the planks together because you can only use planks you can reach.

Marble mazes
Roll the marbles around the tray and lose all the red marbles. The tray contains black marbles too, but it does not matter how many black marbles you lose in the process.

Maze gallery
A collection of my maze designs spanning the last 20 years. Ranging from the simple, to the simply impossible.

Multi-goal tilt mazes
The marble mazes mentioned above are part of a family of puzzles called tilt mazes. Another form of tilt-maze featured at clickmazes is called a multi-goal tilt-maze. A small example, in applet form, is illustrated here on the right. Roll the ball around the tray and try and capture all the blue goals.

Movement: Use the cursor keys to tilt the tray (if the cursor keys do not respond, click on the maze to gain focus).

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