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Foundations and Organizations which support different puzzle activities - research, development, learning, collecting.
National Puzzlers' League
National Puzzlers' League
The National Puzzlers' League (NPL) is considered to be the world's oldest puzzlers' organization, holding conventions since 1883. It is mainly dedicated to the word puzzles. Except the puzzles the site includes information on their monthly magazine The Enigma, on the annual conventions and other useful info for members. Some areas of the site are restricted to members only and are password-protected - The NPL invites you to become their member.
American Mensa
American Mensa
American Mensa (50,000 members): "provides intelligent individuals an opportunity to meet other smart people at the local, regional, and national levels." Mensans come from all walks of life and all levels of society, but to qualify for Mensa, one must score in the top 2% of the general population on a standardized intelligence test.
Mensa Logo
Mensa International
When you say "Mensa" – you always say "intellectual recreations". This site tells you everything about Mensa: ideas, activities, puzzles…
Cubism For Fun Logo
Cubism For Fun
Cubism For Fun (CFF) is the newsletter of the Nederlandse Kubus Club (NKC). This newsletter is a bundle of articles written by the members of NKC, and appears three times a year. A board of Editors reviews submitted articles and helps preparing them for CFF.
Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors (AGPC)
This association (formerly American Game Collectors Association) is a nonprofit group dedicated to the collecting and preservation of old games and puzzles, and to research on the history of games and puzzles.
Cordon Art B.V. Logo
M.C.Escher by Cordon Art B.V.
Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is most astonishing artist of the 20th century. His art works fascinate millions of people all over the World. Cordon Art B.V. is the worldwide, exclusive representative of the M.C. Escher Copyrights.
International String Figure Association (ISFA)
International String Figure Association (ISFA)
This organization was founded in 1978 by Hiroshi Noguchi and Philip Noble to gather, preserve, and distribute string figure knowledge, encourage the invention of new string figures, and enjoy sharing them with one another.
The Slocum Puzzle Foundation
This unique Foundation was established in 1993 to educate the public on puzzles, their history, development, and use in various cultures of the world. The world's biggest puzzle collector Jerry Slocum is its President.
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