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Daily Jigsaw Puzzles from Smart-Kit
Daily Jigsaw Puzzles from Smart-Kit
Every few days a new jigsaw puzzle is posted. It can be played in four different piece-sets: 20, 48, 108 or 208 pieces. Each time these are great pictures whatever they can be: either a town view, rays of light, graffiti or a bee on flower. This all is presented in a smooth Flash puzzle engine.
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STRIMKO™ - your streamy logic
STRIMKO™ - your streamy logic
Strimko is the newest and streamiest play with logic numbers created and developed by the Grabarchuk Family. The rules of Strimko are simple, the play is deep and fun, and the logic is as unique as each Strimko challenge. The Strimko.com website presents a set of three new Strimko puzzles each week both in interactive and printable formats. Enjoy the streamy logic of Strimko!
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Spot The Seven
Take a look at two pictures, they seem the same but there are actually seven differences between them. Can you find them? A new puzzle every weekday.
Wordstreams from Puzzlinks.Com
While looking at the solution for a nurikabe or “islands in the stream” puzzle Josh found it like a reverse crossword. The idea to combine a nurikabe puzzle and a crossword puzzle came in and... a new type of puzzle was born. Started several months ago Josh's initial plan was to publish a wordstream each week for 10 weeks... Enjoy!
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Colour Sudoku
A Color Sudoku each day - in addition to Classic Sudoku. What's the difference? The difference is tiny but challenging. Like in Classic Sudoku the goal to make the numbers from 1 to 9 appear in each row and column remains, but instead of the 3x3 blocks, this time each group of nine boxes of identical color must be numbered from 1 to 9.
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SuDoku the new Japanese Puzzle which stormed the west. The site gives free daily Sudoku and information and forum. The site has an excellent newsletter, which is very popular.
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Crossword Crazy
Daily crosswords from RocketSnail Games. It seems to be one of the nicest Flash crosswords on the web. User friendly interface. A lot of advanced features. Such as word or letter hints, saving or printing options, and the list of the past puzzles. The game is available for licensing but a new crossword each day is for free.
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USATODAY.com Crosswords
The on-line version of the leading US newspaper includes an interactive Crossword project. Every workday a new crossword is added. The most recent two weeks of them are available to users for free. Members of the newspaper's online puzzle club, The Puzzle Society, can access the complete archive of USA TODAY crosswords.
Word Crunch by RocketSnail Games
This is an exciting new way to play word search puzzles. First you circle the required word and when its letters disappear, the remaining letters drop down to create other words for the further search. A new puzzle every day with its own theme. By RocketSnail Games.
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Word Toss from Core Concepts
Every day a new word toss puzzle is added to this site. 24 letters of Latin alphabet, excluding Q and X, are distributed among the four dice - six letters per die. With several throwings of the dice a list of words has been created. You goal is to determine which letters must be grouped together on the same die in order to be able to create all the listed words. From Core Concepts.
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DigitHunt from Core Concepts
Distribute the nine digits all over the grid so that each of the nine rows, columns and the 3x3 boxes contains the digits 1-9 only once. A new puzzle is posted everyday and it is presented a convenient interactive Java applet where all you have to do is to eliminate the wrong digit from a cell right-clicking it or point the right one with the left-click. From Core Concepts. From Core Concepts.
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Presented by Jos van Uden, the website is completely dedicated to word search puzzles. You will find a new interactive word search on the site every day. The site proposes you to choose between several additional options: you can browse through the previous days and months, or you can even submit a word search of your own to challenge your fellow visitors.
Weekly Newspaper Puzzle
Every week a dot-to-dot puzzle is published on the Monkeying Around site. The puzzles are also published in several local newspapers. The on-line versions are in PDF formats only and the previous ones are not stored in the archive. So if you want to get a new dot-connection each week don't miss to download it in proper time!
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Fill In Crossword from Puzzle Express
Every month a new Fill In Puzzle is presented on the Puzzle Express site. These puzzles remind Crosswords except that the words which you have to fill in the lattice are already provided. The objective is just to interweave them properly down and across the lattice. The words are sorted according to the number of letters in them and two special options - "Pick 1 letter" and "Show errors" - are available too.
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Daily Word Search Puzzle from Thinks.com
Daily Word Search Puzzle
Discover the words from some thematic list in a letter grid provided - and this all with the help of your mouse only. Daily puzzle on Thinks.com.
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Daily Codebreaker Crossword from Thinks.com
Daily Codebreaker Crossword
Another daily word-related puzzle on Thinks.com. It reminds a crossword except that no clues are given and you have to guess all the letters in the grid without them.
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The Daily Crossword from Thinks.com
The Daily Crossword
Every day a new interactive crossword puzzle is presented on Thinks.com. The puzzle has one of the best Java crossword engines on the Web behind it.
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MathsNet.net - The Daily Puzzles
Every day three new puzzles change on this site. You'll discover the first puzzle in this set will require you to revisit that page in order you could come with the solution to it. The second puzzle is taken from a book by Henry E. Dudeney - 536 Puzzles and Curious Problems, Souvenir Press 1968. And The third one is courtesy of MathsMed. Three new puzzles a day - quite good for puzzle diet!
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MazeWorks Daily Chess Problem
If you are a chess problem solver or would like to improve your chess-playing abilities then this page could be of your interest. Every day a new chess problem is generated here. Just log on there frequently and challenge yourself daily with new chess combination. Hint system is provided as well. Try to use it before the need of solution appears.
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Return to this site every day and get a new Jumble® interactive puzzle (Shockwave). According to the site Jumble® is the America's favorite word game. To learn more what this puzzle is about visit the site itself. Except the regular interactive puzzle you will find there many other printable versions of Jumble® puzzles including such topics as Jumble® crosswords.
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