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The 26 Puzzle Re_Solution*
based on a puzzle by Professor Louis Hoffman

The object of the puzzle is to place in the big cross on the left the numbers 1 through 12 - exactly one number per cell - so that to make the magic sum of 26 in seven areas of the cross shown on the far left. Every of such areas consists of four squares.

To solve this puzzle drag and drop the tiles with the numbers placed outside the board onto cells of the cross. Use the Restart button every time you want to return to the initial position.

As you complete the grid the numbers near the respective areas in the left column will change according to the composition on the cross itself. As soon as every of those seven numbers is 26 this will mean you solved the puzzle and the Congratulation message will appear.

This puzzle is sequel to The "Twenty-Six" Puzzle in this sector.


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*This puzzle is based on a "non-standard" solution to The "Twenty-Six" Puzzle by Professor Louis Hoffman. The solution was sent to us by Prasad A.


Mini-Contest 25 - The 26 Puzzle Re_Solution is FINISHED

Our Mini-Contests are back! With this Mini-Contest we would like to announce that Puzzles.COM resumes the practice of providing puzzle Mini-Contests on its pages. Thus this one is the 25th Mini-Contest or the 1st one in the new series.

Now this Mini-Contest is finished. It stretched from July 18 till August 31, 2003. But as far as it wasn't closed exactly on August 31, we've got several more answers during this first week of September. Thus we've decided to prolong the deadline of the contest till the date of the publishing of this paragraph, i.e. till September 7, 2003. That means all correct answers received by September 7 (inclusive) will be included into the winners' list.

Contest Results

It was our fifth Mini-Contest with the PuzzlePLAYGROUND sector, and you, our fellow visitors, were extremely active. We've got over three hundred incoming messages. Excluding duplicates we've got totally 246 winners. The first 12 winners (in Chronological order) are listed below. To see the full Winners' list you can visit either its Chronological version, or Alphabetical one. Also we've got a lot of different answers to this puzzle. We really didn't want to overwhelm you with difficult contest for your vacation seasons. We hope this not very hard puzzle was quite good as a little warming up to your leisure for the past summertime.

We thank you all for your participation, and look forward to the next Mini-Contests. Happy Puzzling!

The first 12 winners are:
1   Miguel A. Perez
2   BigBaller...
3   jwu...
4   Beth Hinds
5   david.n.bateman
6   Lori Brown
7   Nitin Gupta
8   Lalaso Mohite
9   Mohamed Al-Sadr
10   Anne Marie Walkuski
11   Katey and Jody
12   Hirokazu SHIMIZU

See full Winners' List >


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