Finnish Snake


by László G. Nagy*

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A sea serpent, 45 meters long lies hidden under the surface of the water. The animal is bent horizontally and vertically, but doesn't touch itself anywhere, even diagonally. Its head (the top red square), tail (the bottom red square) and a few other parts (the blue squares) are visible. Can you figure out the snake's exact position?

To include a square into the snake's body, simply click it to color into blue. To exclude a square from the snake's body click the blue square again (except those already provided on the grid) and it will be turned into grey. Clicking a grey square brings it back to the initial blank state. Only the blue squares, along with the red head and tale, are considered to be parts of the snake.

There is a counter to the left of the grid showing how many squares are currently selected as the snake's body, i.e. how many of them are colored in blue. At the start the counter already displays the number of all the initial visible squares, including the head and the tale. You only need to make the number equal the length of the snake, i.e. 45.

Use the Restart button each time you want to start solving the challenge from the initial point.

*The puzzle was presented at the 4th 24 Hours Puzzle Championship, May 24-25, 2003, Budapest, Hungary.

Last Updated: January 17, 2008  |  Posted: October 6, 2005
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14th World Puzzle Championship & 6th 24 Hours Puzzle Championship

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