Hard 14

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Rearrange the fourteen pieces so as to form the 8x8 checkerboard shown in the center of the illustration.

Move the pieces dragging them, rotate the pieces clicking them.

Use the Restart button to return to the initial position.


Mini-Contest 26 - Hard 14 is FINISHED

This was our 26th Mini-Contest and the 2nd one in the new series starting from the previous 25th Mini-Contest.

Now this Mini-Contest is finished. Initially the contest's deadline for your results was set on June 30, 2004. But because of some technical problems on our side we've moved the deadline to July 31, so that you could send us your answers again in case they didn't come through properly before. That means all correct answers received by July 31 (inclusive) are included into the winners' list.

Contest Results

It was our sixth Mini-Contest with the PuzzlePLAYGROUND sector, and you, our fellow visitors, were extremely active. Excluding duplicates from your messages we've got totally 21 winners. The names of the winners (in Alphabetical order) are listed below.

As you remember because of some technical reasons it could happen we didn't receive your message. If you don't see yourself among the winners and you think you should be there please let us know.

We thank you all for your participation, and look forward to the next Mini-Contests. Happy Puzzling!

The first 12 winners are:
1   Dan Hicks
2   JÑn Olgeirsson
3   Jensen Lai
4   Adam Vangsness
5   Paul Sydby
6   pegasus rentals queenstown
7   Bryan Richter
8   Sue Gosling
9   Jesus Petry
10   Jason Gauci
11   Richard Thivierge
12   Olivier M. Landry
13   Hon Ting and Tsun Ting
14   Y.V.SubbaRao
15   Olivier Marceau
16   gee309
17   Patricia Morris
18   Jeff Goldsmith
19   Fritz Longin
20   Melissa M.
21   Michael Keller
Last Updated: September 26, 2008  |  Posted: August 9, 2004
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