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The big 13x13 square can be dissected into 11 squares as shown in the illustration above. We can see:
2 squares 1x1,
3 squares 2x2,
2 squares 3x3,
1 square 4x4,
2 squares 6x6, and 
1 square 7x7.

This is the only solution with so few single squares, and this is the minimum that can be reached for the 13x13 square.

It's a really hard puzzle nut. If you make a set of the 11 single squares shown above (simply
print them and then cut 'em out) and propose to your friends to assemble into a 13x13 square, you'll see that even so this new puzzle will be amazingly hard to do.

We've received many solutions with 12 squares, and some solutions with... 1 square 13x13. Apparently the last one is wrong, as in the description we told that:
"The big 13x13 square shown in the illustration can be dissected into some number of square pieces (cutting along the lines only)."

Also one solution contained just 4 squares, but they are overlapped, so their total area is not 169 but 170. This isn't acceptable as the description says:
"... your set MUST fully cover the 13x13 grid without gaps or overlapping."

Last Updated: January 26, 2006
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