Star Battle


by Zoltán Horváth*

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The object of this puzzle is to place two stars, the size of one square, in each column, each row and each white-edged part of grid. The stars must not touch each other, even diagonally.

The puzzle can be solved with the help of logical reasoning only, and without guessing. Though at places logical reasoning is quite sophisticated.

To highlight the cell which you think doesn't contain a star, just click it. In order to place the star in the cell, click it again. Clicking the cell for the third time returns the cell to the initial state.

Use the Restart button each time you want to start solving the puzzle from the initial point.

*The puzzle in its original pencil-n-paper version was presented at the 5th 24 Hours Puzzle Championship, May 21-23, 2003, Budapest, Hungary.

Last Updated: January 17, 2008  |  Posted: March 5, 2006
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