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Grade 1-2 Puzzles

Double Jigsaw Triple Double Jigsaw Coin Cup A Hopscotch Puzzle The Three Squares Turn the Fish
Reverse the Triangle Out of Glass Triple Double Jigsaw 2 Around Dodecahedron In 20 Points Color the Triangle The Tangram

Grade 3 Puzzles

Color the Squares Rep-Tiles Counting Polyominoes Circletown Karate Frog Bookworm
Six Coins Two Match Squares 4-Parted Square The Six Pencils Circle-Square Interchange 4-to-3 Squares
The Line-Up Problem An Old Classic Problem        

Grade 4 Puzzles

Shapes & Colors The Snail Problem Heavy Weight Three Cups A Bag of Socks Stacking the Dice Puzzle
The Jumping Coins The Number Grid Puzzle Circling Numbers Sliding Pennies Wild Tic-Tac-Toe Four Small Triangles
Easy Two Match Squares Match Worm The Mutilated Chessboard Saddle the Horses From Five to Four Four Knights
Coin Triangle Broken Checkerboard Magic Triangle 3X      

Grade 5 Puzzles

Turning Train Turning Train II Buckazoid Arithmetic - Basics Buckazoid Arithmetic II Buckazoid Arithmetic 1235 Easy Space Travel
Space Travel II Simple Train Exchange The Frog and Fly Game Boxes and Balloons Circle Nim Classic Nim
Collating the Coins Grandma's House Square Nim Double Tangram Lucky Cuts Magic Pentagram
Condition Triangle Hog-Tied Impossible Domino Bridge Gloves in the Dark Middle of the Stick Lines of Discs

Grade 6 Puzzles

The T Puzzle The Quarrelsome Neighbors Seven by 3 No More Squares TLs The Knight's Tour
Four into One Nine Points Cube Nets Mobius Strip Conditional Quadrilateral The Bracelet Challenge
Strips Square Puzzle Three Square Lots        

Grade 7-8 Puzzles

The M Puzzle A Battle Royal Three Queens The Four Queens Four Circles Circle Circumference and the Number Pi
Consecutive Rectangle Squares Circling Numbers II Lights On! Sword of Knowledge Building Polygons Counting the Triangles
Counting the Triangles 2 Hard 14 Triangular Numbers The 7 Knights Problem Two Containers Four Stacks
Red, White, and Blue Balls How Many Squares? Babylon Babylon II Egyptian Triangle The Testa
Puzzling Journey The Unicursal Marathon Semicirclechain Switch the Cars In Ancient Greece Snake
The H Puzzle Six Knights Strip to Cube Get 4L Pythagorean Hexagons  
1-2 3 4 5 6 7-8 All

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