Counting Polyominoes

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Polyominoes are shapes that are made by joining identical squares along their edges.

A domino is a shape made from two identical squares. The A-piece shown in the illustration is the only example of the domino.

A tromino is a shape made from three identical squares. There are only two different trominoes they are shown as two B-pieces above.

A tetromino is a shape made from four identical squares. Two tetrominoes shown as C-pieces are really the same. If you cut them out or paper, they would be exactly the same shape. Two different tetrominoes are shown as D-pieces in the illustration. How many other different tetrominoes can you find?

A pentomino is a shape made from five identical squares. Two different pentominoes are shown in the illustration as the couple of E-pieces. How many other different pentominoes can you find?

Posted: December 11, 2007
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