The Quarrelsome Neighbors


by Sam Loyd

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Three neighbors - the owners of the skyscraper, the bungalow and the cottage - who share the small park, as shown in the illustration, have a falling out. This led them to the decision to build three pathways from their houses to the gates of the park (every path to another gate), so that none of the paths cross each other!

The owner of the skyscraper wants to build the path to the central gate. The owner of the bungalow (on the left) wants to make the path to the gate on the right, and the owner of the cottage (on the right) wants to have his path to the left gate. The colors of the lawns around the houses and the respective spots next to the gates will help you to understand their plan. Please, notice that none of the path can go behind the skyscraper (see the Top view).

How do the quarrelsome neighbors have to build their pathways?

Posted: December 11, 2007
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