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Welcome to PIE, the Puzzles in Education section of Puzzles.COM!

You belong here if you are a teacher looking to learn about the best work going on in the world today on teaching creative problem solving to students, or a concerned parent looking for the same things for your own children.


ThinkFun Game Club
ThinkFun Game Club
ThinkFun, the company that makes Rush Hour®, is the first to organize puzzles and games into a program that specifically and deliberately teaches problem solving. It is a new program, launched in late 2007, so far it is great and it will get better. ThinkFun provides great customer service and wants a direct relationship with teachers to share new findings. For more information, visit www.thinkfungameclub.com.
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SNAP Math Fairs
SNAP Math Fairs
Math Fair is like Science Fair, except that that students pair up to build their own hands-on puzzles and spend half their time at the fair playing other students’ puzzles and the other half demonstrating their own puzzles. This is a grass roots program that is raging across Canada and starting to spread around the world. To learn more about SNAP Math Fairs, visit www.mathfair.com. If you are committed to holding a MathFair and are looking for good problems, go to our Hands On Puzzles section.
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