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Our Amazon Puzzle Pick of the Week: Robot Turtles - Robot Turtles, created by Dan Shapiro, is the most backed board game in Kickstarter history - it raised over $630,000. This is the first big game in the new 'coding literacy' movement, it is designed to teach kids the basic of computer programming. Robot Turtles has been written about in GeekDad and featured in the New York Times, and was a roaring sales success in June, it's first month on the shelves. It's one of those rare games where the parents have to be just as involved as their child in play, and that makes it all the more special and fun for the kids. Available for $24.95 on Amazon, click on the 'ThinkFun' link to learn more!  |  July 16, 2014
In Puzzleland - The object is to move the minimum possible number of coins to new positions so as to form ten rows of three coins each.  |   July 16, 2014
Three Spirals - Which spiral is the biggest?  |   July 16, 2014
The 7 Knights Problem - You have 7 chess knights. Place one of them on any empty cell of a 3x3 board and then move it to another empty cell using the appropriate moves. Can you do this with all 7 knights until they're all on the board?  |  July 16, 2014
Henry Dudeney Puzzles - Henry Dudeney has been one of our most featured authors over the past few months. Check out our full collection of dozens of his puzzles here!  |  July 16, 2014
Interactive Puzzles - has all sorts of puzzles. Ones you can do in your head, ones you have to print, but these days everyone wants to play their puzzles online. So here are all our Interactive Puzzles for your enjoyment!  |  July 16, 2014
Five Routes - Each of the five men (A-E) needs to get to their respective house (marked with the respective letter and color). The problem is to discover how these five men can make these five routes without anyone crossing the route of another.  |  July 16, 2014
Choco Fits - One of these seven chocolate pieces fits exactly six times in a certain chocolate bar of the rectangle shape. Which one is it?  |  July 16, 2014
Four Knights - Exchange the black knights with the white knights as shown in Figure 1 in the minimum possible number of moves. One move is a normal knight's move on any vacant cell of the board.  |  July 16, 2014
Rose Garden 2 - A great pencil 'n' paper puzzle from Henry Dudeney.  |  July 16, 2014
An Easy Square Puzzle - The object is to make a square of these five pieces. One of the pieces may be cut in two, but the others must be used intact.  |  July 16, 2014
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