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The “How to Play” Basics – When driving a real car, you must follow a few basic rules; drive on the right, stop at red lights, don’t take short cuts across people’s lawns. In the same way, you need to understand a few basic driving rules before you start playing Coast to Coast.
Moving the Car
There are two ways to move your car: slide it along the tracks, and shift, or pivot, the car from track to track. These moves cannot be combined.
Sliding the Car
You may slide your car along the map when it is flush against the map surface and the vehicle posts are fully engaged in the map tracks. As you play, you’ll notice that you can progress only so far this way, because the tracks, or road segments, stamped into the map surface are not continuous.
Pivoting the Car
Your car has two large posts hanging down from its undercarriage. You move from track to track by lifting one of these posts up through one of the large holes in the map, pivoting the car on the other post, and then dropping the first post through another large hole into a new track in the map surface.
the rules for this movement are as follows:
• Before you can change tracks by a pivot maneuver you must position your car so that one post is located in a small hole, and one post located in a large hole (see figures 1 and 2).
• Begin by pressing the first car post against the small hole from below the map, and lift the other post through the large hole so that it is above the map surface (figure 3). Now you may spin the car around on the axis of the fixed post, and place the free post into an available large hole in a new track (see figures 4,5 and 6).
• Note, that while the free post is tilted above the map surface, you may NOT move the fixed post out of the pivot area in the small hole.
• Once you have repositioned the open post into a new track, you may continue sliding your car (see figure 7).

Driving No-no’s
• You may not drive with both posts in the same track. Too dangerous!
• Never remove the car entirely from both tracks, except to reset the puzzle. Unsafe!
• Never slide your car along the track when one post has been disengaged from a track. That’s cheating!
• Never force movement of the puzzle. This is a fine-tuned machine! The distance between the two posts on the bottom of the car will limit your ability to reach some holes, or make some turns. If you’re pretty close to a hole but just can’t reach it… you’re not supposed to!

Good Luck and Happy Puzzling to you!

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