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Help the Tipper topple the crates to make a path to the Red Crate.
Set Up
  Select a Challenge Card and place the crates and Tipper on the playing grid to match the illustration. The Tipper starts on the crate marked by a red outlined square. Place crates solid side down.
To Play
  From the starting crate, you move by tipping crates over orthogonally (inline with the grid). For you to move from one crate to another, a tipped-over crate must fall and land adjacent to another crate. You may then jump from the fallen crate to the adjacent one.
1 Start Position - Tipper on blue crate.
2 First tip the blue crate and jump to the green crate.
3 Next, tip the green crate and jump to the yellow crate.
4 Then, tip the yellow crate and jump to the red crate. YOU WIN!
Simple Rules
  No jumping from crate to crate across gaps or diagonally. No touching the grid floor. Climbing crates and walking across upright or fallen crates is allowed.
Moves Not Allowed
No jumping over gaps.
No diagonal jumping.
Moves Allowed
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February 16, 2008
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